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A sunny day today. I found out in unease that the four spider webs out of my windows each have its own owner by the coin-sized shadows they cast on my curtain. While yesterday I was still able to fantasize about spider simulation games where you need to tend to multiple webs and process the caught insects before they overstrain the web, now all I could think about is how to prevent them from over populating.

After sitting through an unconfortable amount of spider GIFs and pictures, I think the spiders living out of my window are Bridge Orb-weavers (Larinioides sclopetarius), a not-too-distant relative to the onein Charlotte's Web. I bet the story would have a rather different vibe if there were a swarm of spiders instead of just one.

Apparently bridge spiders can ride along the wind using strands of silk (ballooning). Now that's something I haven't seen Spider-Man doing.

Oh, they are still Robotech'ing Super Sentai into Power Rangers?

The short burst of rain proved to be more destructive than I thought to these spider webs: instead of the rain-drop-necklace cliche, they are completely obliterated.

TIL most baby carrots are actually baby-cut regular carrots

Window side spider / Glide with Summer rain into / Cockpit of the clouds

Apparently Scifaiku is a thing!