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I got into NetHack mostly by watching YouTube let's plays - around 10 hours into the playlist and 20+ odd games, I feel relatively comfortable navigating the early game now (clearing sokoban + minetown).

Oh, you are saying Rust's const generics is basically C++'s non-type template parameters? I should have got that from their names, silly me!

Did Back Arrow just pulled a Euphemia on us?

Never thought I'd see some of the most unique software/hardware user interfaces in musical instruments. It does makes sense in that forcing sounds out of what is frequently a digital device beneth the cover using our fleshy human fingers is such a niche combination in itself (compared to what computers are first designed for) that there is simply no "general" way to do it, allowing for tons of experimentation and specialization.

Pasta with fractal shapes and infinite surface area when?

Using 2 curved 49-inch ultrawide monitors felt great. They are a bit taller than I initially expected and I position them column-wise with the upper monitor tilted downwards. I kinda wish they were curved a bit more, but then the upper monitor would have its corners cut off by the lower monitor. It does feel pretty good to be able to sit as upstraight as I can and still be able to see everything.

I really like the weather today. It was raining, but not the cold and gloomy kind.

It's the kind that would discourage the early morning dog-walkers, but still managable without a umbrella. The occational refreshing splashes on ankles, the lack of pedestrians or cars, and the bright yet blurred sky all seem to signal that something big, mysterious, and out of the ordinary is waiting for you down the road.

Videos of Wendy Carlos playing were mesmerizing to watch. Electronic musicians of the analog age looked seriously cool with all the huge synthesizers, VU meters, and reel-to-reel tape recorders.