A certain number has surpassed a million. Who would have thought!

I guess there is still hope for the Internet

Came across RMS's thoughts on genderless pronouns. "perse" would definitely take some time to get use to. I find it fortunate that in Chinese we have the not too archaic "伊" as an alternative.

Funny that after the Zoom purchase, ranking of my Keybase profile in search results of my username skyrocketed to the third place.

Finished the Back To the Future trilogy. Everything felt so familiar despite the fact that I never seen it before (I can't believe I never did, too). It's like the very dreams that I would had while I myself was reading Jules Verne years ago.

I find myself not needing a volume as large to enjoy music now after a break from head/earphones due to an outer ear infection. Maybe there is some merit to the good'ol "headphones causes hearing loss" thing.

Webmentions, check! I'm currently using webmention.io (yes, you heard right, external services) and have no systematic way of handling the thousands of webmentions that is bound to come with this site's inevitable rise in popularity…not! Maybe a webmention endpoint driven by a simple WSGI script that converts webmentions into emails is just what I need to integrate this into my existing commenting workflow.

The spider living outside my windows has gradually expanded its web to cover more than half of the openinings. Seeing the number of insects caught on the webs already though, I decided against disturbing it, for now. Gotta watch out for egg sacs though as the thought of potentially thousands of half-translucent eight-leggers crawing past the window sil into the room would be a bit too much for me to handle.