I ended up using MakeMKV, which allows media players like VLC to offload decryption to it via the included libmmbd, and it worked like a charm! VLC does support playback from all regions, but I needed to first switch to the appropriate one using Tools -> Preferences -> Show settings: All -> Input / Codecs -> Access modules -> Blu-ray -> Region code (there is built-in search for settings, fortunately).

Can't wait when Nintendo decides to rename the Master Sword.

Jokes aside, the superficialness of these changes again makes me feel uneasy, that no more serious effort would/could be carried out after these low hanging fruits are gone. On the other hand, what may be seen as low hanging fruits for large coporations can still put a toll on smaller projects. Gee naming things is hard.

First run in a very long time! The weather is great, but the respirator mask is really taking a toll on me after the first mile. I got some other types of filters that are less clunky and maybe that will alleviate this. Also got a bike yesterday -- hopefully I will get a chance to put it to good use.

Egh, the new Github repo page they are testing has a very M$ feel to it.

I wonder how long it would take for GitHub to become Office 365 Code or MS Visual Hub.

Second recovery run - I've largely adapted to wearing respirator masks while running - the only annoying thing is as I sweat, the mask tend to slip and put a lot of weight on my nose, essentially blocking it. It's almost comical seeing how the please-wear-a-mask signs are even less effective than the no-alcohol-beyond-this-point ones.

Condensation showed up in my Pebble Time Round today when I left it in the shower. Turned out covering the watch in rice and salt successfully extracted the moisture. I got the idea from the myth that you can revivie a drown fly that way.