DRM removal tools exist for both Rakuten Kobo and Amazon Kindle. Kobo uses standard EPUB though, instead of the proprietary AWZ like Amazon, which generally works better with readers I have. It is also said that image compression is more aggresive on Kindle books, so Kobo seems to be the way to go - book selection seems pretty on par as well.

Kindle iOS app's dictionary lookup is way faster any other reader apps though. It seems that it uses bundled dictionaries instead of the built-in ones.

Just found out that Mill Creak is releasing all Ultra series in Blu-ray for 23 bucks each! They've worked their way to Ultrman Ace, and I can't wait for Ultraman Taro to come out!

Creative Commons symbols made it into Unicode, and all of these availabe in Symbola and Unifont already. While it's tempting place these in the footer, but thinking back these are really not any better than a plain CC-BY-SA at the moment due to font issues (unlike the author, I am not going down the web-font path). Perhaps we can do ghetto versions of these like how we used (c) for the longest time? Maybe after all the badges we saw on websites, stuffing the same things into Unicode is the next boom.

TIL iPad Mini is availabe in Amazon Fresh

First time hearing seeds rattling inside an apple, that was fun

Hmm, apparently character limit is not configurable in default Mastodon install. That kinda killed my mood for replying to toots. I guess this is what Fermat felt like 383 years ago?

Hmm the new Apple Music website is really nice: makes album cover hunting much easier.