Oh, they are still Robotech'ing Super Sentai into Power Rangers?

The short burst of rain proved to be more destructive than I thought to these spider webs: instead of the rain-drop-necklace cliche, they are completely obliterated.

TIL most baby carrots are actually baby-cut regular carrots

Window side spider / Glide with Summer rain into / Cockpit of the clouds

Apparently Scifaiku is a thing!

Took me an hour to solve the Miracle Sudoku. The Cracking The Cryptic's web interface is really nice, with both number and color tagging, making the process much easier.

Re: 2020-06-10 Radicale for Calendar and Contacts

I've been using Radicale instead of iCould on my iDevices as well - I can confirm that the collection URL setup worked for both contacts and calendars.

Creating repeating events on Radicale calendar is one of the things that I have varying degrees of success depending on the client I use: it works fine on iOS, but rather finicky in evolution seemingly due to part of CalDav spec being unimplemented.

TIL everytime a Blu-ray drive reads a disc, it updates its Media Key Block (MKB) if it sees a newer version stored on the disc, and that's how my Ultraman Blu-ray essentially bricked my drive (until MKB v70's processing keys and host key/certificate becomes publicly availabe). See how unwanted and forced updates are harmful? I really hope not all media formats are designed with DRM in mind primarily, but it seems that CDs are more the exception than the norm.