Moved from twitter: I ran my first half marathon last December.

Feb. 15th's run: 4 miles in 00:38. Still fairly warm. Feeling great today, but I don't really want to chance it since I've just recovered.

Feb. 17th's run: 6 miles in 01:00. Woohoo! Back to normal! I finally found the cause of foot pain: my shoe laces were tied too tight.

Feb 18th's run: 4 miles in 00:36. Back to 9 min/mile pace now. I tried Ian's secure shoe lace knot and it worked really well. Too bad next week is gonna be rainy.

Feb. 19th’s run: 1.5 miles in 00:12. It started to rain half way so I had to stop. Black Panther was ok. There are some scenes I liked but there are also outright weird plot points that I probably shouldn’t spend any more time worrying about.

Feb. 24th's run: 6 miles in 00:54. Geeze I hate raining. Emacs daemon is amazing.

Feb. 25th's run: 6 miles in 00:54. Talking about consistancy. 😛

Feb. 27th's run: 3 miles in 00:31. I found myself adjusting my shoelaces every few steps, trying to get a consistant feeling on both sides. By the way, this is the foggiest day I've ever seen, and I suspect the moist is causing my shoelaces to loosen themselves. .