Watching Kenji's Cooking Show today and I noticed that he had a tiny trash can on the kitchen table: that seems like a great idea! After each day/meal, just tie up the entire bag and throw it into the larger trash can in the house - no fuss!

Everytime I thought about the scene where Batman grinds his own batarang, I couldn't help but imagine that a real-life Batman probably orders his from AliExpress.

How much faster would GPT-3 be at generating Shakespear compared to a million monkeys with typewriters?

Fire Force now feels more and more like a Souls story with all the Adora dimension thing.

This week's PreCure is so good! There's the mega-byo-ken(犬), Nodoka and Hinata's tsukkomi, and absolutly adorable Riri. Even the sakuga felt extra high quality.

Did Rakuten Kobo just banned overseas credit card usage? Noooooo

I wish the Star Wars sequals were as good as FLCL Alternative.

Tagging or linking within notes feels like a shitty replacement for full text search.