Today's sunrise looks like Tatooine's sunset.

I hope anime streaming websites have per-show RSS feeds.

...and what do you know, Crunchyroll has it! Crunchyroll 1, Funimation 0. Gee do I hope Crunchyroll gets more shows, but Funimation just snatches a lot more of them.

iTunes Match, terminated.

Doesn't it warm your heart to know that there is at least one Mathematician in this world that uses picutre of Yukiho (iM@S) in Zoom profile?

TIL umbrellas can grow mold and can smell really nasty.

Watching people peeling off squid skin is much more satisfying than that for screen protectors, but perhaps the two are not so different after all.

How long do we need to wait for laptop/smartphone's face unlock systems to support hand gestures as good-old passcode? Such as requiring a Kiraboshi pose for login.