2017 is over within the next few hours and I fell obliged to write something about it. Hopefully I won't have too much regrets by the time I finish this post.

What Have I Done

I have been working full time since June. Working life is surprisingly more relaxing than I expected. My daily schedule has seen a great increase in stability: no more 4-hour-sleeping-schedule is an obvious improvement and I can finally set aside time for my interests.

By the end of 2017, I have:

Doesn't look too shabby huh? It's been a great year.

What's Next

I've gotten into the habit of listening to Dayo Wong's stand-up comedy from time to time and for some reason one of his earlier shows 跟住去边度 ( What's Next ) left the deepest impression on me. I now also post this question to myself. Here's where I will be in 2018:

If I've learned anything from my past failed plans, it would be to always underestimate my own capabilities when planning, so I will just stop my list here and add additional goals as I march into 2018.

Happy New Year and hopefully 2018 will be another spectacular one!