TIL umbrellas can grow mold and can smell really nasty.

Watching people peeling off squid skin is much more satisfying than that for screen protectors, but perhaps the two are not so different after all.

How long do we need to wait for laptop/smartphone's face unlock systems to support hand gestures as good-old passcode? Such as requiring a Kiraboshi pose for login.

The M1 Macs' benchmarks looked way beyond my wildest expectations. While the dream scenario would be a reasonably competative RISC-V CPU taking over the world, I'm still glad x86 gets some competitation from a less restricted architecture.

The power efficiency is just so tempting on the new Macs. That said, they seem like a nightmare for user repair and probably won't run Linux smoothly anytime soon. I did however start wondering whether the old everything-as-pluggable-module-upgradibility is still something we should shoot for, especially in a laptop. If we can get the cost of system-on-a-chips to down a reasonable degree, I'd be all-in for throw-away CPUs.

Never thought the day would come where I hesitate about which combination of 4K and ultrawide monitors to go for.

Re: Site Update: WebMention Support

It's exciting to see another website supporting WebMention (and return of the CSS snow)!

My primary motif of using WebMention is to ultimately centralize all my comments/replies/posts on blogs/forums/Fediverse back to my website (and allowing commenters on my site to do the same). This subsequently prompted me to add a short note/title-less post section here.

Do you plan on displaying contents of the WebMentions you get or sending WebMentions from your website?

Apparently Apple has a bunch of heuristics to determine which Siri to activate when there are multiple iDevices listening (and a non-zero amount of the world population is trying to figure out what they are). I really hope they make "Hey iPhone Siri, stop the alarm" just work so that I don't have to yell at a confused iPad twice every morning. Support for "Hey Siri #31174" or "Hey Lord Sirious" would have been nice too.

It's the 17th day of AoC! I've tied my 2019 records! The problems do feel easier this year though.