Condensation showed up in my Pebble Time Round today when I left it in the shower. Turned out covering the watch in rice and salt successfully extracted the moisture. I got the idea from the myth that you can revivie a drown fly that way.

Spend good part of today organizing all my expenses this year in Beancount - a text based accounting system that I first read about in BYVOID's blog. With Emacs integration, multiple interfaces, and an error checker, Beancounting has been a breeze and is quite addicting.

Healin' Good Pretty Cure is on Crunchyroll now!

Started doing indoor cycling yesterday and gee did it felt disproportionally tiring and unconfortable after I noticed that running for the similar amount of time would have burned 3 to 4 times the amout of calories. I already spent a few days in seat bone pain hell when I first got the bike and this morning's ride left my palms/arms really numb. Thankfully no leg cramps as I worried originally. I guess efficiency and form does matter in sports. Hopefully all these would payoff in the long run.

Maybe it's not too bad an idea to train a neural net for scoring a Mahjong hand as a fast estimate in place of an exhaustive pattern matching?

The new shade of green Github slapped on the contribution counter is eerily bright. Maybe the colors were chosen with a potential dark mode palette in mind?

I wonder if phonebooks are still a thing at least in some places? If a Back To The Future event were to actually happen, I have little confidence that I would be able to even find the Doc in 2020.

My 3D printer finally arrived. I've sensed a +2 bonus on productivity already! I tried to take it down a notch in the run today, consciously limiting my pace such that my heart rate remained relatively calm, and find myself able to cover a much longer distance while wearing a respirator mask. It's the first longer-than-1-hour-run since March.