With system wide dark modes becoming commonplace, I took the effort to tweak the color scheme of my blog and added a dark mode specific one using prefers-color-scheme in CSS. I also toyed around the idea of adding a user toggle using JavaScript per instructions here, but ultimately decided against it because of my (totally unjustified and groundless) distaste towards the language.

Color UsageLight ThemeDark Theme
Code Background#e3dacb#1c2534
Border 1#e7e3d3#181c2c
Border 2#d7d3c3#282c3c

Writing CSS is a such tiring endeavor, but on the bright side, picking colors is a surprisingly relaxing activity. The light mode color scheme now has reduced contrast, and I updated the isso style sheets with matching colors. Yes, I only inverted the colors in dark mode and did not reduce the font weights because of the peculiar way in which human vision work. Part of me already screams heresy when I look at the color codes formed by three numbers that seem to have no connection whatsoever—they are like dissonant chords that cause itches in brain—so I need them to at least sum up to a nice number.

Wissen ist Nacht!